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Werner LEMBERG posted on Thu, 23 Dec 2010 06:47:21 +0100 as excerpted:

> Is there a better mailing list or forum for such questions and
> complaints?

I'm not sure about a better one, but as a regular here, it has been my 
observation that few here run the betas and thus that beta queries 
frequently don't get very good answers.

FWIW, despite the fact that I've been running betas since before the IE/OE 
betas I was active in before the turn of the century (and before my switch 
to Linux) and despite the fact that I've never even run a stable version 
of my preferred distribution (Gentoo) at all, I've not run the kde4 betas 
because my thought has run like this:  If the kde4 folks label alpha 
quality as "ready for ordinary use", as they did with the 4.2 release, 
which was still alpha quality by the usual definition of having major 
features not yet implemented yet (devs were replying to bugs with not yet 
implemented in kde4 at the time), and it took to 4.5 to get to what might 
sanely be called an x.0 quality standard release, what terribly 
unthinkably broken horror must the code be that they actually label 
"beta"?  So I've not yet run it, tho with 4.5 finally reasonable stable 
quality, I may well start running the rcs for 4.6, and if that goes well, 
I might actually try the 4.7 betas.  We'll see.

Meanwhile, I mentioned that I ran the IE/OE betas back last century.  I 
remember them with some fondness due to the community feel of the related 
beta newsgroups and it seems to me that kde is a large enough community 
that in theory at least, it should be able to support a similar beta 
community newsgroup/list at some point.  In practice, I imagine 
participation could be pretty small at least until the memory of the early 
kde4 recedes a bit further, as it's certainly so for me, but I'd certainly 
be interested in such a list in theory now, and could find myself a 
regular in practice, along about 4.7 or 4.8 beta time, provided 4.6 and 
4.7 continue the trend of improvement we've seen so far with each 4.x 

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