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James Colby posted on Fri, 27 Aug 2010 11:57:15 -0400 as excerpted:

> I am running KDE 4.5.0 compiled locally using the kdesrc-build scripts,
> and I am having a problem with the system tray applet.  When I quit a
> KDE application the system tray icon for that application does not get
> removed from the system tray.  This happens with amarok, kmix,
> kwalletmanager.  It is only happening with KDE apps though.  If I have a
> GTK app that uses the system tray, and I exit the app it's icon is also
> removed.  Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

Are you sure you are quitting the app, or are you simply hitting the 
window-manager's close button, so the app minimizes to the tray, with the 
settings set so it remains shown there?

FWIW, kde 4.5 changed somewhat the way certain apps work in regard to the 
system tray, from 4.4 and earlier.

I don't have kmix on my main machine (output is via non-volume-controlled 
spdif to my surround-sound system with its own remote, anyway, and running 
kmix just to handle mute/unmute seemed a bit much), tho I do on my netbook, 
but I've not upgraded the netbook from 4.4.5, so I'm not exactly sure how 
4.5 kmix works, except that I know it was one of the tray apps whose 
behavior was to have changed, according to the stuff I've read about 4.5.

Similarly, amarok's way too bloated for my tastes to use as a music player 
(I don't need or want its music database system), and with the switch to 
kde4, they dropped about 80% of the features I did use, only to add more I 
didn't, so I switched to mpd with several different clients, instead, and 
the lot is /still/ way less bloated than amarok was by itself!  Thus, I 
don't know much about how it works since about kde 4.2 or 4.3, either.

But kwallet, I use regularly, so I know it.  And of course, I know and use 
kde 4.5's system tray and notifier system in general, so I know it.

In kwallet's config, there's a checkbox to show it in the system tray or 
not, and when showing it in the tray is enabled, there's another checkbox 
for hiding it after the last wallet closes, or not.  Note that a wallet 
may remain open for some time (I have it set to 10 minutes here, but don't 
recall whether that's the default or not) after it was last used and its 
windows closed.

Other apps may have similar minimize to tray instead of close, or show in 
tray even when "closed", options.

Meanwhile, in the system tray's config, first unlock it under display, and 
then check both that section and the entries section.  For each item 
trying to use the tray, you can set always visible, always hidden, or 
auto, which will show or hide depending on activity (AFAIK it hides icons 
if they've not changed either icon or tooltip in some set amount of time 
or since they added themselves to the systray, showing them again if 
there's activity).

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