Kickoff menu blank

dhave dhave at
Wed Aug 18 04:09:12 BST 2010

member dhave wrote:

> Using KDE 4.4.5, my kicker menu is now 
completely blank. When I use the
> "Kickoff" mode, only the tab appear 
(Favorite, Applications, Computer,
> etc.). Nothing is shown in the menu area.
> If I switch to classic mode, all my menus 
and submenus are intact.

Welp, I finally just removed kde and 
everything related to kde, then installed 
kdemod (kde a bit streamlined, supposedly 
optimized for arch linux). It's working just 
fine. Not only do I have my kickoff menu 
back, it's actually speedier and, so far, at 
least as stable as 4.5.


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