Ctrl-Alt-V for Klipper not working in 4.5

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Aug 12 16:36:39 BST 2010

Aljoša Mohorović posted on Wed, 11 Aug 2010 14:55:17 +0200 as excerpted:

> although it's enabled in global shortcuts Ctrl-Alt-V doesn't work for
> klipper, klipper popup never appears. any idea how to fix this, it
> worked as expected in 4.4?

The difference is due to the place klipper resides and how it's handled 
now in 4.5, as opposed to 4.4 and previous (back into kde3 at least).  
This difference is in turn due to the system tray and notification changes 
in 4.5, as that's klipper's new home.  You may have to enable it from the 
systray config before it's visible.

Once visible, if you context-click on the klipper icon and choose 
configure, you will see a shortcuts config section.  But the trigger 
klipper popup action is gone, disappeared.  As you noted, the global 
keyboard shortcuts list for klipper does still list the action, but the 
trigger doesn't seem to do anything.

BUT, back in systray settings again, in the entries section, there's a 
line for klipper.  Set the Ctrl-Alt-V keyboard shortcut there, and at 
least with my limited testing after your post (which triggered me to 
check), it seems to work fine, much as the old global shortcut did.  That 
seems to do it for me.  Hopefully it works for you, too.

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