System Monitor applets show high CPU when there isn't

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at
Mon Aug 2 05:42:18 BST 2010

I am running KDE 3.5.10 on Fedora 8.

For a long time I have used the System Monitor and System Guard applets for 
some compact blinkenlights on my system's activity. Recently both applets 
have started showing constant 100% activity all the even though the System 
Guard application (from Ctrl-Esc) shows only 5-10% activity when my 
machine is quiet. I have sat and watched actual CPU activity sorted by 
User or System and never see the activity reported by the applets. I use 
GKrellm and it doesn't show such high usage. I've also watched  top  and 
have seen nothing.

It is as if the scaling function for both applets broke and even restarting 
KDE doesn't fix things. I can't think of anything I did - the change just 
happened. All else on the machine is normal. I'm stumped - these are handy 
applets but now not so useful.
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