OpenGL window effect mislabeling

phanisvara das phani00 at
Sun Aug 1 08:25:56 BST 2010

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 07:05:59 am Duncan wrote:
> OK, this is still kde 4.4.5 here.  Could folks on the 4.5 rcs check to see 
> if it's still an issue there, before I look at filing a bug?

this, and many others. that unstable wouldn't work with 11.3 was clear from the 
beginnin. running facory (4.4.5) on 11.3 seemed ok for a while, but slowly slowly 
quite a few important bugs showed up: kmail commenting doesn't work properly, you 
can't "ignore threads", applying filters sometimes freezes plasma.

vuze doesn't work (no, it's not java), and changing kwin effect always freezes 
plasma, too.

i didn't check any more but reverted back to KDE 4.4, which works fine. cutting 
edge is fine, but if that edge cuts everything it comes in contact with, it's not 
much use for me.

from my experience, i'd say stick to KDE4.4 and wait for more later.

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