Disable "Lock Session"

Edgar Kalkowski eMail at edgar-kalkowski.de
Tue Sep 29 21:54:31 BST 2009

A workaround could be to replace /usr/bin/kde4/libexec/kscreenlocker with an empty executable script that does nothing. This way nothing would happen if you accidentally clicken the “Lock Screen” button anywhere.


Duncan schrob:
> James Tyrer posted on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 17:35:38 -0700 as excerpted:
> > In KDE-3, these two lines:
> > 
> > [KDE Action Restrictions]
> > lock_screen=false
> > 
> > to: "$KDEHOME/share/config/kdeglobals" and they all go away -- including
> > the button in the widget.
> > 
> > Yet Another Missing Feature?
> No comment on the last question, but FWIW, locking returns with an error 
> dialog to the effect of "Won't lock desktop since it would be impossible 
> to unlock, no greeter app configured", here.  Thus, the entries are still 
> there, but they don't actually do anything except display the dialog.
> I've not been terribly worried about it so haven't checked for sure, but 
> IIANM, that's because I don't have any X or kde screensavers installed.  
> I rely on screen power-down instead.  So assuming your install isn't 
> monolithic packages, you could try uninstalling that and see if you get 
> the same lack-of-greeter-app "brokeness", that may not be so broken after 
> all. =:^)
> Of course, clicking the dialog button is still an annoyance, then.  But 
> it's less annoying than having it lock by mistake and being forced to 
> type in the full "appropriately secure" password would be.
> FWIW, I very seldom click such things accidentally, and ignore it once I 
> know what it does or in this case doesn't do, but it's still annoying to 
> have the visual clutter in the menus.
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