kaffeine replacement for kde4: smplayer

Bogus Zaba bogsub at bogzab.plus.com
Mon Sep 21 22:04:31 BST 2009

Patrick Nagel wrote:
> Hi Duncan,
> On 2009-09-07 09:06, Duncan wrote:
>> Well, I found a solution I'm EXTREMELY happy with.  smplayer is a full-
>> featured mature video player solution much like kaffeine for kde3 was, 
>> only built on qt4 only, not a full kde4, and using mplayer, not xine-
>> lib.
> Indeed, smplayer is great. I'm using it for over a year already, and I'm very
> happy with it. I think it's a near perfect GUI wrapper for mplayer. It doesn't
> bring all of mplayer's features to the GUI, but a good amount of them. A huge
> advantage over using mplayer directly (what I had been doing for years before
> discovering smplayer), is, that you don't need to restart the player (and then
> jump back to where you have been in the file) when changing things like
> subtitle track, audio track, etc.
> Patrick.
Smplayer is a very fine front end for Mplayer, but am I right in 
thinking that only kaffeine has support for Digital Broadcast TV ? It's 
one of the big advantages of this player over all the others I have come 
across. If there is no kaffeine (yet) for KDE4, are there other apps 
that provide DVB support ?

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