How to save the desktop applets settings?

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Mon Sep 21 08:58:21 BST 2009

Kishore posted on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 11:57:50 +0530 as excerpted:

> On Monday 21 Sep 2009 6:37:41 pm paulo wrote:
>> On kde 4.2, when you add a system monitor application to the desktop,
>> and you change it's default settings, how can you save those settings
>> in order to keep them between sessions?
>> I ask this because every time I login, the system monitor application
>> starts with the default settings. That is, 2 sec update rate, CPU %
>> system total and not each core %, etc...
> That should be automatic. Contact the author of the applet to let
> him/her know of this issue.

The problem can also be the result of plasma not shutting down properly 
(maybe it's crashing on shutdown?), thus not getting a chance to save any 
changed settings properly.  If I notice an issue such as that, I try to 
set it up as I want, and immediately quit and restart the app in 
question, thus saving the settings.  The nature of plasma being what it 
is, the main desktop and panels, not a standard app, shutting down and 
restarting it works a bit differently, but the idea is the same.

I normally open a terminal (konsole) window (I have a hotkey setup for 
just that), and do it from there using standard CLI commands, killall 
pl<tab> (with bash-completion setup properly, the <tab>, two tabs if 
there's more than one candidate, should auto-complete the app name to 
kill, or give you a choice if more than one).  In kde 4.3, it's plasma-
desktop.  In 4.2 I think it was simply plasma.  Then, restart it.

However, last time I mentioned that, someone mentioned that there's a kde 
specific way to kill an app as well, kquitapp, which uses the dbus 
interface to do it if it's a dbus interfaced app (like plasma and pretty 
much all of kde is), instead of the traditional Unix signals (SIGTERM by 
default) that killall uses.

You can also type it into krunner, if you prefer.  That's not part of 
plasma, so you can invoke it again to restart plasma, after plasma is 

Of course, it can also be a permissions problem, if the appropriate 
config file is set read-only, or something.  And of course it can be some 
other app bug, as Kishore already mentioned.

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