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James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Wed Sep 9 21:35:05 BST 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 07 September 2009 17:08:25 Carlos Luna wrote:
>> I think this could help you. (It's for config locales in your system)
> Thanks, but I do have the correct locale installed, and I use utf-8, which 
> should, as far as I know, handle all European accented characters without a 
> problem.  In fact in many applications it does.
After some further research, I am starting to think that this is a bug.
  The reason is that it isn't just IBM cp1252 that is screwed up but
also ISO 8859-1 has the same problem.

When a text file composed in either code page which contains characters
>= 128 (>7F Hex) is opened wit UTF-8, it fails to properly decode the 
glyphs >= 128.  This happens despite the fact that the apps which I have
tried correctly count the number of glyphs before changing them to the
FFFD Hex character ?.

The >=128 glyphs which I commonly user are: äëïöüñ.  Since I am sending 
this email in ISO 8859-1, these characters will not appear correctly if 
viewed with UTF-8.

I have found that the only solution to this problem is to set the code 
page for incoming mail to either ISO 8859-1 or IBM cp 1252.


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