Trouble with KDED on Debian - input appreciated

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Sep 9 16:49:51 BST 2009

Georg C. F. Greve posted on Wed, 09 Sep 2009 12:57:00 +0200 as excerpted:

>  - Kmail complains about some of the certificates of servers it is
>    connecting to, because KDE does not have the root
>    certificate, apparently. So I accept them forever, but that forever
>    only lasts until the application is started the next time, and
>    sometimes not even that long.
>    So clearly the "accept it forever" is not being stored.

I've no idea on the kded thing, except that on at least some 
distributions (I'm not sure about upstream but with Gentoo at least), 
it's kded4 now, due to kde3 conflicts if both are installed and someone's 
trying to run apps from one in the other.

However, the issues I quoted I have comments on.

There's some issues with security cert management and the like in kde4.  
In particular, the nice kcontrol/system-settings way of handling it that 
kde3 had is nowhere to be found.  This is a known issue... and one of the 
highest voted bugs on kde's bugzilla, IIRC.  How kde can claim that kde 
is ready for the ordinary user when something as vital to security as 
certificate handling is broken, is beyond me, but they are doing just 
that and have been since 4.2.

Also, I don't know if it's related or something else as I've not traced 
it or bug searched it yet, but kmail keyboard shortcuts won't save, here, 
and both it and konqueror ignore any attempt at configuring the toolbars 
-- the settings appear to be saved as I checked the files and when I open 
the toolbar config dialog it remembers what the setting were that I saved 
last time, but the toolbar buttons remain at their defaults, regardless.

>  - The screen cannot be unlocked, the kscreenlocker needs to be killed
>    with -9 from a console to get back to the screen. It is likely that
>    it waits for the erratic timeout to display the password dialog, by
>    which time the password timeout has already run out, and so the
>    password dialog is not even displayed anymore.

That one's interesting.  Here, I can't lock the screen at all, as it says 
it won't lock it because it'd be impossible to unlock -- there's no 
greeter configured.  I suspect this might be because I didn't install the 
screensavers as I don't use them (I simply have the monitors shutoff, 
power-saving...), but I'm not sure.  I also don't run kdm and didn't 
install it, preferring to login from a text terminal and start X and kde 
from there.  Why that functionality I don't need and didn't install would 
be needed to be able to lock/unlock the screen as I go into and come out 
of screen power-down mode, I don't know, but I do suspect one or the 
other is the reason I don't have that functionality... not that I'd use 
it much anyway, but it'd be nice to have.

>  - knetworkmanager is not working, the system log showing
>     "NetworkManager: <WARN> connection_get_settings_cb(): Couldn't
>      retrieve connection settings: Did not receive a reply. Possible
>      causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the
>      message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout
>      expired, or the network connection was broken.."
>    (Note: At first I was thinking about the dbus causing issues, but it
>     seems to work fine, and the NetworkManager seems to work (it
>     connects to the wired network over DHCP). So I assume it is the "the
>     reply timeout expired" part of the above message that is responsible
>     for the issues.)

I've never used networkmanager, as my main machine is a desktop, 
permanently connected to Ethernet, with the service being started as part 
of the init3 runlevel (as opposed to init2, nonet).  Thus, the info I 
have on this is second-hand.  However, unless it was just fixed, 
knetworkmanager is again known to be broken, at least for many wireless 
users.  A lot of users are using the gnome version, as it still works.

So for those three at least, it's not necessarily due to the kded problem 
-- they have problems on their own.  The others, I don't know anything 

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