kaffeine replacement for kde4: smplayer

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Sep 7 02:06:01 BST 2009

kaffeine for kde3 is of course a rather nice and quite full featured 
media player.  A kde4 version is under development, but while the "live-
vcs version" (as compiled using the Gentoo/kde kde-testing overlay) 
already plays videos, it's nowhere NEAR the kde3 version in features.  
Rather, it's very much like kde4's very basic native video player 
functionality, as seen in dragon-player and gwenview, etc.  There's no 
choice of output method (XV, etc), various filters, etc, no slo-mo or 
double-speed, none of the stuff people chose kaffeine for in kde3, above 
the other basic players.

Maybe kaffeine for kde4 will get there, after all, there's no hint it's 
going to be released as "sans features" as something compiled from 
current sources seems to be ATM, but meanwhile, those of us who have (in 
my case, finally) made to move to qt4/kde4 and don't want the old and 
unsupported versions on our system any more, have a problem, in that now 
we're without a reasonably /decent/ video player.

Well, I found a solution I'm EXTREMELY happy with.  smplayer is a full-
featured mature video player solution much like kaffeine for kde3 was, 
only built on qt4 only, not a full kde4, and using mplayer, not xine-
lib.  I only discovered it yesterday so haven't fully explored its 
features yet, but it /seems/ to have a very similar feature-set to that 
of kaffeine for kde3... if not even MORE features.  For instance, where 
kaffeine for kde3 had 2-speed slow-mo and fast-forward, smplayer has a 
recursive half-speed and double-speed button, so you can slow playback 
down to 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 speed, and speed it up 2X, 4X, 8X... (that was 
fastest I tried, don't know how much faster it goes than that).  PLUS it 
has a 10% button, so in increments 10%, 20%, 30%... 90%, 100% (normal), 
110%... 180%, 190%, 200%... (again, don't know how much higher it goes in 
10% mode).  PLUS, there's a feature I seriously missed in kaffeine from 
back when VHS was the big thing, single-frame advance -- smplayer has 
THAT too! =:^)

So if anybody's still looking for something to replace their beloved kde3 
version kaffeine, try smplayer.  Like I said, I don't know if it has 
/every/ feature kde3's kaffeine did/does, but it seems to have every one 
I checked, and then some, so it's well worth trying out. =:^)  And, for 
those who only still had qt3 and kde3's kdelibs still installed so they 
could still keep kaffeine, and for those who don't have kde3's kaffeine 
available any more, smplayer is qt4 based, so shouldn't have huge 
dependencies to worry about for those now running kde4 (which of course 
also depends on qt4), unless they don't have mplayer installed.

I thought I'd mention it since I've been frustrated trying to find a 
decent video player since I killed off kde3, here, and smplayer has been 
a very pleasant surprise indeed! =:^)

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