SSL/TLS-configuration in KDE 4.3

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Sun Sep 6 19:45:03 BST 2009

In <200909042256.02976.john_82 at>, John wrote:
>On Friday 04 September 2009 13:53:24 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> In <200909041312.26461.john_82 at>, John wrote:
>> >Dare I mention how it's impossible to add to the address book once
>> > kwallet has been activated without editing files.
>> That doesn't make sense to me.  I just KWallet for all my passwords for
>> KDE 3.5 and KDE 4.2 and I have no problem editing and adding to my address
>> book when it is open.
>The address book '/home/john/.kde/share/apps............' is locked by
>application ''.
>If you believe this is incorrect, just remove the lock file
>from '/home/john...................

So, you have a slate lock file sitting around.  You should quiesse the system 
to the point you know the lock file isn't being used and then remove it.  That 
has little, if anything to do with kwallet and is more likely caused by a 
kmail or kontact crash or hang.

>This also leaves me wondering why an
>application can read the files without having obtained a password.

The address book is not password protected.

>> > I'm also
>> > concerned about the fact that there is clearly a back door into the
>> > system.
>> Details?
>The backdoor goes back to a spooky experience on here.

[Snip: rumormill and conjucture]

You have no proof or even evidence that there is a back door in kwallet.  You 
are being paranoid.  As Duncan mentioned, missing files are more likely the 
result of a fault file system journal or other file system issues than the 
result of a kwallet back door.

If you have some actual claims, they can be investigated.  (IIRC, OpenBSD 
ships KDE and has little to no qualms about calling out security issues in 
software.)  Until then, please don't claim there is a back door without 
qualifying it; it needlessly scares others.

There is *NOT* "clearly a back door".  That's a vast overstatement of your 
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