A maintainer is interested in releasing KDE 3.6

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 07:11:54 BST 2009

> I was about ready to give up on KDE-3 because Konqueror and X11R7
> (xorg-server- don't seem to get along.  I notice that X.org has
> gone through versions in a rather short time and have now released 1.6.2 and
> 1.6.3.  Do you know what K5u is doing about this?  Fedora has simply jumped
> to a snapshot of the 1.7 Beta branch.  BTW: the first Beta of 1.7 is
> available:

I am not familiar with the issue but I doubt that Kubuntu (If that is
what k5u stands for) is doing anything about it. Kubuntu only supports
KDE4 now, the KDE 3 support is third-party, provided by the developer
of Pearson Computing. You might want to ask on his mailing list about
possible solutions.

> I have tried rebuilding Qt and KDE and reinstalling KDE3 and it didn't help
> so I was going to try the two X.org releases next.  Do you know if K5u has
> found any bugs in Konqueror (seems to be the tabs that are the issue) that
> might be the problem?  When I open tabs, sometimes X System CPU usage
> increases a lot (it is usually almost nill and Konqueror acts as though it
> was simply clogged up somewhere.

I am sorry, I simply do not know anything about that issue. I have
never encountered it nor heard of the issue before.

Dotan Cohen

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