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xPol xtekhne at
Wed Nov 25 22:17:30 GMT 2009

Duncan wrote:
> I have no idea whether knode includes the ability to mail yourself copies
> of your own posts, but due to the way pan handles all mail, with it, it's
> not even necessary to actually mail the message.  What pan does is have a
> (normally not filled in) mailto: (pseudo-)header at the top of the
> posting window.  If this contains any content, even just a . or an x or
> whatever, in addition to posting the message to the newsgroup (assuming
> of course you didn't delete the content of the newsgroups header, doing
> so effectively sends only a mail message), it will invoke the standard
> mailto: protocol handler as setup by your environment (you can set it to

I see. 
I do not know what is the mechanism exploited by knode; but i do not think 
it relies on kmail. 
Anyway knode allows to add mailto: header only when replying to messages, 
I am sure knode in kde 3.5 allowed one to add the same header also when 
starting a new thread. 

> Once I have the kmail compose window, I can save the message off to a
> kmail folder just as if I'd been working in kmail all along.  Thus, I
> don't even have to actually mail it when I'm just saving a copy for
> myself, I just save off the contents of the kmail compose window to the
> appropriate kmail folder, and it never actually gets processed as mail,
> at all. =:^)  Of course, if I'm actually mailing it to someone (else), I
> can continue and mail it to them as I normally would.

Knode saves a copy automatically too. What i would like to do is to send a 
copy to a gmail account of mine. 

Thank you 

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