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Wed Nov 25 21:44:21 GMT 2009

xPol posted on Wed, 25 Nov 2009 21:26:30 +0100 as excerpted:

> The account settings panel of knode allows to enter an address labelled
> by 'mail-copies-to'.
> My understanding is that each mail to newsgroups will be copied to the
> specified address.
> That does not work; anybody can confirm?
> I cannot even send a mail copy by manual selection, when sending a new
> message to newsgroup. A copy to a selected address is allowed only when
> replying to a message.
> Anybody can confirm?

I don't use knode (I prefer pan, one of only two major gtk+ apps I use, 
the other being icecat, aka a trademark-free firefox), but have been a 
long-time Internet-news user (and actually follow all my mailing lists, 
including this one, as newsgroups, using's list2news gateway).  
As such, I know that the header you refer to is for replies, the purpose 
being so that users not subscribed to a newsgroup can send questions and 
get replies by mail, instead of having to check the group again.

There's no header for mailing yourself a copy of your own posts, as that 
would be handled by the client, if it's configured to do so, presuming of 
course it has that feature, so no header need appear in the post itself.

I have no idea whether knode includes the ability to mail yourself copies 
of your own posts, but due to the way pan handles all mail, with it, it's 
not even necessary to actually mail the message.  What pan does is have a 
(normally not filled in) mailto: (pseudo-)header at the top of the 
posting window.  If this contains any content, even just a . or an x or 
whatever, in addition to posting the message to the newsgroup (assuming 
of course you didn't delete the content of the newsgroups header, doing 
so effectively sends only a mail message), it will invoke the standard 
mailto: protocol handler as setup by your environment (you can set it to 
use kde, gnome, OSX, or MSWindows handling, or customize it, as long as 
your mail client handles mailto: protocol, at least).  Since I use kde, 
with kmail as my kde mail client, I have pan set to use kde prefs, which 
in turn brings up a kmail compose window, complete with the message as it 
left pan.

Once I have the kmail compose window, I can save the message off to a 
kmail folder just as if I'd been working in kmail all along.  Thus, I 
don't even have to actually mail it when I'm just saving a copy for 
myself, I just save off the contents of the kmail compose window to the 
appropriate kmail folder, and it never actually gets processed as mail, 
at all. =:^)  Of course, if I'm actually mailing it to someone (else), I 
can continue and mail it to them as I normally would.

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