the panel dictionary and the fancy tasks

xPol xtekhne at
Wed Nov 25 20:09:17 GMT 2009

pkaplan1 at wrote:

> If you open the Add Widgets dialog (from the cashew), scroll to the 
> you want to kill and click on the "-" on the right side. Paul

It does not work. As i click on the minus sign, an hourglass appears, 
that does not go away (past a few minutes it is still there). So i 
click on 'close'. The widget is still in the panel.
Re-opening the 'add widget' dialog, the hourglass is still there. 
Re-opening a few minutes later, the hourglass has disappeared, but the 
minus has been reset. 
Nothig has been logged on the ~/.xsession-errors  file.

Well, maybe a solution is to reboot, but i use to suspend to ram, to 
preserve my working set up (not everything can be restored at login). 

Thank you for your help

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