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Wed Nov 25 09:44:42 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 25 November 2009 06:50:11 xPol wrote:
> I am striving to use the panel in kde 4.3.3, the same smart way as in
> kde 3.5. Here are my first remarks:
> - it is difficult to select option in the panel setting--> 'more
> settings'; that is menu items do dot react upon clicking and i cannot
> see any mark denoting that the option has been activated. (i am using
> the bespin desktop theme; is it the same with the default oxygen
> theme?)
I've never seen that problem, so I can only suggest that you experiment with 
themes, starting with the default, to see if that's where the problem lies.

> - i cannot set panel both in auto-hide mode and on top of another
> panel; that is, when panel is in auto-hide mode, it  always lays below
> the other panel, at the same edge.
Auto-hide is no problem, but it is currently not possible to have two panels 
on the same screen edge.

> - i cannot use a screen corner to show up hidden panels; that is i am
> forced to use the screen edges. That is very annoying, especially with
> laptops, since the mouse pointer often happens to hit the edge by
> mistake,  while moving windows and pointing at drop-down menus.
There has been some recent debate on this.  I don't know whether it is yet 

> I think panels are an important tool for end users. Do kde4 envision a
> new approach of the user to the workstation, to reduce or replace the
> utility of panels? I would like to know more about that.
Plasma is rapidly evolving, but often we don't know much about what is coming 
until the next release is quite near.  Clearly that's because the fast rate of 
change means that early information could well be mis-information.  The next 
release is due in February, so only minor changes will happen before that.

If you want to influence thinking you should discuss things on the forum 
( and submit 'ideas' to brainstorm 
(  Ideas that are feasible and have a lot of 
user support are submitted to developers, though of course they may still have 
overriding reasons why something can't or won't be implemented.

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