panel usability

xPol xtekhne at
Wed Nov 25 06:50:11 GMT 2009

I am striving to use the panel in kde 4.3.3, the same smart way as in 
kde 3.5. Here are my first remarks:
- it is difficult to select option in the panel setting--> 'more 
settings'; that is menu items do dot react upon clicking and i cannot 
see any mark denoting that the option has been activated. (i am using 
the bespin desktop theme; is it the same with the default oxygen 

- i cannot set panel both in auto-hide mode and on top of another 
panel; that is, when panel is in auto-hide mode, it  always lays below 
the other panel, at the same edge.

- i cannot use a screen corner to show up hidden panels; that is i am 
forced to use the screen edges. That is very annoying, especially with 
laptops, since the mouse pointer often happens to hit the edge by 
mistake,  while moving windows and pointing at drop-down menus.

I think panels are an important tool for end users. Do kde4 envision a 
new approach of the user to the workstation, to reduce or replace the 
utility of panels? I would like to know more about that.  

Thank you 


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