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Tue Nov 24 14:42:02 GMT 2009

paulo posted on Tue, 24 Nov 2009 13:50:34 +0000 as excerpted:

> Finally, I noticed the "Disable functionality checks" which got me
> wondering what it was. I click on it, and "Apply" and "OpenGL" and bam!
> That did the trick. Desktop effects back working nice and fast. So if
> you have the same problem, just try to click that wonderful box, maybe
> it will help.

That's what it's there for, tho on many systems it'll make things real 
crashy, thus the reason the checks are there in the first place.

> Now, what I don't know why I never needed that, and now all of the
> sudden I do. I haven't changed anything since I compiled kde. I'm still
> using nvidia-drivers-180.44 (time to change...), it was working just
> perfectly but all of the sudden after a reboot it was gone?!?!? I smell
> buggg. Where? I don't know.

I'm guessing that some xorg component was updated in the meantime.  The 
black-box drivers tend to lag xorg updates, and what worked with one may 
well not work with the next, until the black-box suppliers get around to 
fixing things in their black-box.  The xorg update was likely pulled in 
during the standard update process, but wasn't enabled until you 
restarted your laptop, so now you see the effects.  If I'm correct, it's 
possible you can revert back to the earlier xorg, temporarily (tho the 
update may have been security related, you may wish to check that if 
you're worried about it), until the folks behind the servant-ware drivers 
deign to have mercy on their servants and update their compatibility 
(it's not like anyone else can as they could with freedomware drivers, 
thus the servant-ware).

Given that you didn't mention kde version specifics beyond that it's now 
4.3, it's also possible that an update from say 4.3.2 to the latest 4.3.3 
changed the functionality checks slightly, and that's what you're running 
into.  But given that you didn't mention anything about such an update 
and you're compiling from source, so it couldn't be a distribution update 
surprising you, that wouldn't seem likely.  I'd still be putting my money 
on an xorg update that the servantware drivers you're running haven't 
caught up to, yet.

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