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spir denis.spir at
Thu Nov 19 21:54:00 GMT 2009

"Martin \(KDE\)" <kde at> wrote:

> > Just tried audex, but comes only equipped with wav encoder (!).
> >  Couldn't find any way to let him be aware of other codecs
> >  installed (know they're here, for k3b uses them).  
> Ah, I had this once before. Did you tried the "codec search" button in 
> the profile part of settings after installing lame? This did it for 
> me.

update: Found the way to do it for ogg: we must install vorbis-tools that itself contains the oggenc encoder; then, audex "codex scan" finds it (and add 3 "profiles" for various ogg encoding qualities).
Hope this may help others.
Also discovered that audex is the new name of "kaudiocreator" for kde4. There is no manual for it (not even online).


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