Is there a howto on essentials.

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Thu Nov 19 20:31:25 GMT 2009

you find all necessary howtos on
for to get an overview.

Draciron Smith schrieb:
> I apologize as I usually lurk in a list for a bit before speaking up
> but I'm in rather dire straits.  I'm a long time KDE user, been using
> it probably since there was a KDE.  I know at least since RH 6 or 7 I
> think I've been using KDE that far back.  I've been a fanatical KDE
> user and advocate. KDE I feel has innovated and created the best UI
> yet designed, at least until 4.  Now I have a machine that is
> realistically crippled. It's like being forced to use Gnome or Windoze
> or something horrible like that.
> I'm also very slow to upgrade unless there is a compelling feature to
> entice me to upgrade. Well the end of lifed all the distros I'm using
> so I had to upgrade.
> Going into the specifics would probably be repeating lots of other
> complaints. I heard a good bit of griping about KDE 4 and figured bah
> there was griping about 3 and I don't see what the fuss was about with
> 3.x's changes. Most of them were improvements in my opinion.
> I don't even recognize KDE 4.x. EVERY useful feature and thing I liked
> about KDE seems to have been removed. Everything I hate about windoze
> and Gnome seems to have been introduced. I cannot be the only KDE fan
> who turned green and puked imediately upon using KDE 4. So I'm hoping
> there is a page somewhere with workarounds for all the things broken
> in this version of KDE. Ways people have found to get around things
> like not being able to add an app, or configure the desktops to show
> ONLY the apps on that destop. What's the point of having multiple
> desktops if you clutter the task bar up. I sometimes have as many as
> 200 apps open at the same time. Scattered across several desktops of
> course. . Or how do you remove that lame home box that automatically
> pops up.  I use Krusader and very rarely use Konquerer for file
> management. The list goes on and on and I honestly truly hope there is
> a change by change with work around for all the things broken in KDE
> 4.
> Thanks
> Drac
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