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Wed Nov 18 19:29:03 GMT 2009

Draciron Smith wrote:
> I apologize as I usually lurk in a list for a bit before speaking up 
> but I'm in rather dire straits.  I'm a long time KDE user, been using
> it probably since there was a KDE.  I know at least since RH 6 or 7 I
> think I've been using KDE that far back.  I've been a fanatical KDE
> user and advocate. KDE I feel has innovated and created the best UI
> yet designed, at least until 4.  Now I have a machine that is
> realistically crippled. It's like being forced to use Gnome or
> Windoze or something horrible like that.
> I'm also very slow to upgrade unless there is a compelling feature to
>  entice me to upgrade. Well the end of lifed all the distros I'm 
> using so I had to upgrade.
May I first suggest that you always use the latest release of KDE-4.
That would currently be: KDE-4.3.3.

> Going into the specifics would probably be repeating lots of other 
> complaints. I heard a good bit of griping about KDE 4 and figured bah
>  there was griping about 3 and I don't see what the fuss was about 
> with 3.x's changes. Most of them were improvements in my opinion.
> I don't even recognize KDE 4.x. EVERY useful feature and thing I 
> liked about KDE seems to have been removed. Everything I hate about 
> windoze and Gnome seems to have been introduced. I cannot be the only
>  KDE fan who turned green and puked imediately upon using KDE 4.

I tend to agree with you.  Some things have simply changed.  However, a
lot of functionality that was in KDE-3.5.x has gone missing.

> So I'm hoping there is a page somewhere with workarounds for all the
>  things broken in this version of KDE. Ways people have found to get
>  around things like not being able to add an app, 

The "Menu Editor" is still the same place -- right click the menu icon. 
  If you are having a specific problem, could you please provide the 

> or configure the 
> desktops to show ONLY the apps on that destop.

The trick is finding the right click menu for the Task Manager (used to
be called Taskbar). You have to click on empty space.  This will
probably be the easiest if you have no applications open.  Then choose:
"Task Manager Settings" and you will get the KCM for it.  The options
that you want is under "Filters" on the "General" page.

> What's the point of having multiple desktops if you clutter the task
> bar up. I sometimes have as many as 200 apps open at the same time.
> Scattered across several desktops of course. . Or how do you remove
> that lame home box that automatically pops up.  

That would qualify as a bug, but I think that it has been fixed in 4.3.3
if not before.  It should be "Desktop Folder" by default, but it tends
to change to Home on earlier versions.  Right click it and select
"Folder View Settings" and select: "Show the Desktop folder" in the
radio on the "Location" page.  Or, if you simply want to get rid of it,
first right click and select: "Desktop Options -> Unlock Widgets".  Then
right again and select: "Remove this Folder View".  Then you will want
to lock the widgets again by right clicking the desktop and selecting:
"Lock Widgets"

> I use Krusader and
> very rarely use Konquerer for file management. The list goes on and
> on and I honestly truly hope there is a change by change with work
> around for all the things broken in KDE 4.
You can look at:

But, I make no guarantee.

James Tyrer

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