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Thu Nov 19 19:52:53 GMT 2009

spir posted on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 19:28:08 +0100 as excerpted:

> k3b and ripping seems full of issues, unless i don't proceed correctly:
> * Couldn't find settings for ripping in "configure k3b (eg: where to
> save result by default, filename format, ogg quality)
> * k3b does not seem to record actual settings entered -- have to reenter
> everything for each new cd.

[few other similar]

> Well, nothing here really terrible -- but I have ~ 100 cds to record...
> help gratefully welcome. In the meanwhile, i'll explore wikpedia/cd
> ripper for alternatives.

Well, k3b for kde4 is still in alpha, I believe (certainly an alpha is 
the latest Gentoo has available, barring the live development tree 
version), so it's likely not all these features are fully implemented 
yet.  I used it the other day for something, and it worked fine, but 
while I can't remember exactly what features the kde3 version had, it did 
seem like the kde4 version was missing some.  However, for alpha, it 
worked quite well indeed, and I was rather favorably impressed with how 
it's coming along! =:^)  (Too bad the same can't be said about kde4 
itself, which despite claims to the contrary saying kde4 has been ready 
for "normal" use since 4.2, I couldn't honestly say was proper release 
quality even yet, tho it's improving fast, and 4.3 has attained what I'd 
call late beta quality.)

So an alternative may indeed be better, particularly if you're doing 100 
CDs worth and don't like the default defaults.

I've not tried it for that (or indeed, much at all), but perhaps the 
audiocd: kioslave will do what you need?  It is discussed elsewhere in 
current threads.  The default settings, including encoder quality, appear 
to be in (the application formerly known as) kcontrol (aka generically, 
system settings), advanced user settings, audio CDs.  (And I see there a 
CD device setting, which might be why it wasn't working for me in my very 
limited tests as mentioned elsewhere, earlier.)

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