Is there a howto on essentials.

Draciron Smith draciron at
Thu Nov 19 02:52:22 GMT 2009

Using KDE ver kdebase-6:

So the ver isn't the absolute latest but reasonably close.  Installing
from a tarball would create massive dependancy hell down the road so
to go to the latest version I'd have to get the spec file and create
an RPM out of Fedora's specs. Will the pain of creating an RPM be of
any real benefit on the issues I'm having?  I'm leery of it also
because of the potential for dependency problems even using the spec
file. Even assuming I don't miss anything editing the spec file, there
is still the potential of having apps compiled for this version of KDE
becoming unstable because I'm using a newer version an potentially
newer and changed libs.

When I right click on the desktops I only get a choice of how many
desktops. Used to be in desktop behavior on the panel, whoever that
option is no longer there in the panel configuration section. Panel
settings -> panel options is the only choice that looks like a
non-cosmetic configuration option and all it's choices are cosmetic.
Even the advanced options. Otherwise I can add widgits, lock widgits,
add a panel or remove the panel. So where is the desktop configuration
section now? It's not in system settings. I can't find a menu option
that has it. I've right clicked all over the world and it's not in any
of the options. It was never intuitive where they put it but at least
after a minute I could find it in older versions of KDE. Why it's not
in configure desktops is beyond me. That'd be the logical place to put
it and early versions of KDE I think that's where it was.

I managed to close out the desktop folder. Home, desktop doesn't
matter to me, I don't use it for file manaement and rarely see the
desktop. Having it open is just an accident waiting to happen. I'll
click thorugh sooner or later and move or delete something I didn't
mean too. If I can figure out how to add Krusader to the panel that's
my main file management tool. I manage image files with Gphoto, most
of the rest with Krusader or from a term window.

Konquerer even if I customize it too the hilt and Konquerer doesn't
pull one of it's frequent revert to defaults things on me does not
suite me very well for file management.

I will have to say I'm impressed with the improvements in Konquerer
for web browsing. I'm using it for more than for an emergency backup
browser now, in fact typing this email in Konquerer as we read :)  FF
has some add ins I find essential however. I'm going too see how many
of those exist in Konquerer. No script probably THE most important.
Flash block another really important add in for me as well as screen
grabs, addins to grab embedded media, tab managers, and so on.
Konquerer's rendering is much cleaner than previous versions also.
Many websites use non-compliant scripting/coding and Konquerer would
just display a mess. This ver of Konquerer so far has handled most
sites quite well.  Still I'm going to do a whole lot more surfing with
Konquerer than I ever did with previous versions. It may well make
installing Opera completely unnecessary.

>From what I gather if I want to add say K3v, Firefox or Ghoto or
Wesnoth or a dozen other apps I use frequently to the system tray I
have to find a working launcher application as both the ones I've
tried give me no option at all to add or I have to find a X app
finder, hope it finds that specific app and then drag and drop from
the menu? There's no way to add it directly to the system tray any
more?  Y'all have GOT to be kidding me right?

As too where I want them, I want them in the system tray or over by
the desktops or anywhere on the task bar is fine. I use them
constantly and literally it saves me an hour a day to have them on the
taskbar. That hour a day adds up to an extra 5-7 hours a week. It's
like having an extra day in every month. The 20 seconds longer it
takes to get too it from a menu when you use something hundreds of
times a day makes a big difference.  Especially when you have lots
going on and pop ups close the menu on you long before you can click
on the actual app your looking for. Might be something telling me a
file is finished downloading or a CD finished burning or a website
after my attention. Doesn't matter. Stuff I use more than a few times
a day I like having on the task bar somewhere.

Just with Firefox that will be a constant pain as I usually keep up
with the latest greatest Firefox. In the past I just edited the
executable's location from my shortcut in the systray. Just easier
than any other way. Takes a few seconds and I'm not only done I can
run multiple versions as long as the formats of the files like
bookmarks and such stay the same and I am careful to use a different
profile per specific version.  Handy for running plugins I find
essential for a specific task but haven't been updated yet for newest
version of FF while I do general browsing with the newest version.
Also handy for testing.  Having to configure a launcher if the 2 I've
tried are a fair sampling is very tedious.

What's the deal with the notifications window? I get lots of
notifications from that which go away before i can read them. I can't
find a log to go back and read what they were either. Up they come
closing any menu I'm in and away they go in a fraction of a second.
When I do get a hold of one there's a long list but as I mouse up the
window goes away on me.

I noticed Jack audio is installed, does it actually work? LOL. I am a
musician and for years have attempted to get KDE and Jack audio to
work and play well together. A complete and utter failure. As soon as
I played an MP3 nothing else would utter a sound until I either logged
out or got off Jack. If I used ALSA or Pulse or any other sound server
to play an Ogg then when I pulled up Audour or Rosegarden there was no
sound. If I pulled up something that used Jack first then nothing else
would make a sound and soon as I closed that app even reopening that
app meant all sound was gone until I killed Jack audio  and or logged
out and logged back in.

What's the little thing that turns orange in the very far right of the
task bar? If I right click on it it just gives me same options if I
clicked on a blank space. I left click on it nothing happens. I hover
my mouse on it then the critter turns orange. No tool tip, nothing.

Reminds me, where are they hiding the mime types in this ver of KDE?
I've clicked I think every configuration option but not found anywhere
to edit mime types yet.

How would I replace Dolphin in the "favorites" section with say Krusader?

On 11/18/09, Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at> wrote:
> On Wednesday, 2009-11-18, James Tyrer wrote:
>> Kevin Krammer wrote:
>> > yes, /usr/local/share:/usr/share should be the default for XDG_DATA_DIRS
>> > if not set to anything else.
>> > Since you wrote "had to add": did you have to set to something else
>> > before?
>> Yes, I have KDE-4 installed in its own directory (/usr/KDE-4).  So, I
>> set XDG_DATA_DIRS to /usr/KDE-4/share).  Apparently, that resulted in
>> KDE-4 no longer using the default (/usr/share).  Actually, I have some
>> other things (Adobe reader & Sun JDK) in that path so it still would
>> have been a problem if KDE-4 was installed in /usr.
> It has very little to do where KDE is installed to.
> XDG_DATA_DIRS is what list of directories it is set to, unless it is empty
> because then it defaults to  /usr/local/share:/usr/share
> Similar for XDG_CONFIG_DIRS which defaults to /etc/xdg, again if the
> variable
> is not set or empty.
>> >> And now they are there without adding
>> >> them.  But, I can't add them to the Panel.
>> >
>> > Hmm, works for me using drag&drop onto an unlocked panel. Even moved
>> > applets aside to make space. Also works to drop on the quick launch
>> > applet.
>> Where are the 'desktop' files for your X utilities?  Mine are in
>> /usr/share/applnk/Utilities/XUtilities/.  Don't know how they originally
>> got there.
> I have a path /usr/share/applnk/Utilities, no subdirectories. A couple of
> really old files, probably from an earlier KDE3 install or still installed
> KDE3 packages.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
> --
> Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
> KDE user support, developer mentoring
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