Is there a howto on essentials.

James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Wed Nov 18 19:55:51 GMT 2009

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Wednesday, 2009-11-18, James Tyrer wrote:
>> Kevin Krammer wrote:
>>> On Wednesday, 2009-11-18, Draciron Smith wrote:
>>>> Ways people have found to get around things
>>>> like not being able to add an app, or configure the desktops to show
>>>> ONLY the apps on that destop.
>>> Not able to add an app where to?
>> I presume to KickOff.  I had problems with early versions.  Not sure
>> what the problem was, but it appeared that the menu wouldn't update.  I
>> tried using KAppFinder to add some X utilities and it simply didn't
>> work.  I found that I had to add /usr/share to the XDG_DATA_DIRS path --
>> thought that it was the default.
> yes, /usr/local/share:/usr/share should be the default for XDG_DATA_DIRS if 
> not set to anything else.
> Since you wrote "had to add": did you have to set to something else before?
Yes, I have KDE-4 installed in its own directory (/usr/KDE-4).  So, I 
set XDG_DATA_DIRS to /usr/KDE-4/share).  Apparently, that resulted in 
KDE-4 no longer using the default (/usr/share).  Actually, I have some 
other things (Adobe reader & Sun JDK) in that path so it still would 
have been a problem if KDE-4 was installed in /usr.

>> And now they are there without adding
>> them.  But, I can't add them to the Panel. 
> Hmm, works for me using drag&drop onto an unlocked panel. Even moved applets 
> aside to make space. Also works to drop on the quick launch applet.
Where are the 'desktop' files for your X utilities?  Mine are in 
/usr/share/applnk/Utilities/XUtilities/.  Don't know how they originally 
got there.

>>> And of course it is possible to only show the applications of the current
>>> desktop in the taskbar.
>>> It is one of the options in the taskbar's configuration dialog, which as
>>> usual can be opened through the taskbar's context menu.
>> This menu can be hard to find in some circumstances.  Specifically, you
>> have to click on a blank part of Task Manager which doesn't always
>> exist.  I have had this problem.  It would be nice if all of these KCMs
>> were accessible in System Settings.
> If I put the panel into configuration mode, I can click anywhere on an applet, 
> at least anywhere on the tasklist.
I didn't think of that.

James Tyrer

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