How do I get kdialog to be used by thunderbird?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Nov 18 02:26:05 GMT 2009

Duncan wrote:
> IE's still the big one, still losing the most ground last I knew,
> which is a good thing, as it's unhealthy for /any/ browser, even a
> freedomware one, to have the market share it did or people tend to 
> write to it instead of to standards.

I would submit that's not (entirely) true. The problem with IE is not 
just its market share, it's that M$ *intentionally* ignores and breaks 
standards, so you got people writing stuff that wasn't just using 
extensions, it was outright wrong (by depending on non-compliant, broken 
behavior). A Free browser is far less likely to piss on standards like 
that. Plus, if a Free browser had such market share that many sites 
/depend/ on its extensions, well, it would be much easier for everyone 
else to simply copy and support those extensions.

> Plus, on a very practical level, once folks get into the Mozilla
> addons, they often find rather quickly that they have a hard time
> doing without them

:-D (...exactly why I use mainly FF.)

On an unrelated note, I share Stephen's "WTH were they thinking?!" 
w.r.t. GTK's auto-completion.

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