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On Tuesday 17 November 2009 16:32:40 spir wrote:
> Le Tue, 17 Nov 2009 15:36:46 +0000,
> Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> stated:
> > I'm going to snip lots out, to keep this short and readable :-)
> [...same for me...]
>  If you open that and search for
> > kdebase- workspace or kdebase-desktop, that should give you the version
> > number.
> right: should be kde4.2.2. For any reason couldn't install kde4.3.3 on
>  current kubuntu 9.04 (errors from package manager). So as recommended on
>  kubuntu's site, I'm currently downloading 9.10 to install latest kde from
>  there.
That's exactly what you should do.  I have 4.3.3, but I've only had it for a 
couple of days.  It's extremely new, and in my distro is still in the testing 
area.  I expect that it is in a similar state in kubuntu.  Take the latest 
that you can get from kubuntu.  Anything in the 4.3 tree will have some 
important updates.

> > You must bear in mind that windows developers are paid, full-time
> > workers. That's a very different situation.  The issue is being
> > addressed, but it can't happen overnight.  Userbase (as in my sig) is the
> > wiki by which we can get essential information around in the meantime.
> Sorry for my expression if anyone found it irrespectful, was not so
>  intended at all (but I'm aware that cultural/language specific features
>  are full of traps). 

I suspected that you didn't mean disrespect, but it still needs to be said, 
for others that read.  As you have remarked, language and culture can 
seriously affect the way things are understood ;-)

>  I already found many things here and there on the
>  internet and thank to your answers here on the list. Antway, it's just a
>  question beeing accustomed to the new (and rather different) "plasmic"
>  paradigm. There are some tricks to know that one cannot guess (eg how to
>  move a thingy on a panel [uselessly complicated imo]).
Yes, that's exactly why userbase was started.  So many things are simple once 
you know, but it could take you ages to find them if you weren't told.  
Userbase is a wiki, so we encourage people to add any hints and tips as they 
find new features.

The search facility on userbase is not the best thing since sliced bread, but 
we are looking at the possibility of installing a better search engine.  
Meanwhile, as I said, if you can't find something, ask.

> > > > > 6. place icons on control panels
> >
> > From Lancelot, just drag and drop.  From kickoff, it's right click and
> > Add to Panel.
> Thank you -- I'm definitely switching to lancelot (instead of kickoff). Is
>  there a way to move icons (esp. app lauchers) from/to desktop/other panel?
> Comment: If this is not easily possible, it's probably not such a big issue
>  for most people don't do that very often, but getting rid of simple drag n
>  drop (that previously worked on kde too, IIRC) is certainly not a
>  progress. And for people like me who constantly rearrange the layout
>  according to current work/needs, making simple things heavy is not a
>  progress, neither.
I don't know what to say about this.  Many people tell me that you can just 
drag icons from the desktop to the panel.  The only time I tried it, I 
couldn't.  I don't know whether that was because I was in an earlier release 
of KDE 4.x, or whether there is a difference according to the 'Type' of 
desktop.  Since I tend to stick with the most-used things on my panel they 
don't change very often, so I haven't experimented with this.

> > > There is definitively something wrong here, for sure, because the
> > > behaviour is not consistent. Eg putting a CD may result in having
> > > matching icon (in dolphin's view) -- or not. And once opened the
> > > corresponding folder may or may show its content. Also, the CD's name
> > > is shown randomly (else I get cdrom*).
> >
> > The behaviour when a CD is inserted is probably matched to the type of
> > content.  As Duncan explained, the content show up in Dolphin when it is
> > mounted (which you can do either on the notifier or in Dolphin itself0,
> > but audio CDs are not mounted, so it may well look different.
> Actually, they are only data CDs. I observe different behaviour even with
>  the same CD. To get it correctly opened in Dolphin, I sometimes to switch
>  several times to another forder, then back to cdrom*; if issues remain,
>  generally taking it out (physically, from the drive) may solve the
>  problem. I have 2 CD drives and issues seem ~ identical (none works well,
>  otherwise I would know the issue is probably not software-related and
>  would use the one that works).
That should not be.  I've not had that problem at all here - except that I did 
discover that a disk that contains a single corrupt file can be extremely 
difficult to mount.  Apart from that, it reminds me of my dvd player - the 
slightest fingermark on the disk and I may have to eject the disk and polish 
it on my sleeve before putting it back in :-)

I can't give much useful guidance here.  Sorry.

> = location of config
> > Take a look at ~/.kde/share/apps - you will find there your personal
> > files regarding the applications, whereas in ~/.kde/share/config you will
> > find your personal configuration files for the applications.  That are
> > the two directories that you need to be aware of.  For the most part you
> > can leave the rest to get on with things :-)
> Sorry, I was stupid. Understood the word "share" quite literally and didn't
>  even explore sub-folders. Thank you for the information.
Yes, I thought that was how you were thinking. :-)  Another case of a word 
having different meanings in diferent contexts.

> > One page I would recommend that you read is
> > - it gives you a lot of
> > information about features in Dolphin that you might not otherwise find
> > for some time.
> >
> > Anne
> Thank you again,
> seems most of my problems are on a good path; and maybe the rest are solved
>  by installing kde4.3.3.
You're doing fine, by the sound of it.

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