How do I get kdialog to be used by thunderbird?

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Mon Nov 16 18:09:12 GMT 2009

James Tyrer wrote, On 11/16/2009 07:14 AM:
> John Layt wrote:
>> On Saturday 14 November 2009 22:19:17 Steven W. Orr wrote:
>>> I have looked everywhere. I'd like to be able to save files by
>>> using kdialog in thunderbird and firefox instead of using the gtk
>>> file picker.
>>> Inside thunderbird I have the ability to set 
>>> ui.allow_platform_file_picker
>>> to true but if I do it uses the ugly builtin picker. False gets me
>>> to the gtk file picker. Is there a way to speciffy this in kde
>>> somehow? Or is this a thunderbird/firefox problem?

This is pretty off-topic, and probably not the right place, but
in case ANYONE knows...  I *abhor* the gtk filechooser.  It's
notion of autocompletion is entirely braindead.  You can NOT type
quickly with it as it autocompletes and changes context on you w/o
intervention, so you have to typ slowly and watch as it completes
and puts you at a new cursor point in the autocompleted filepath.

HOW the heck do you disable that horrible "feature"?  I would hope
the gtk devs would have made some .gtkrc variable for this.

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