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Mon Nov 16 10:11:11 GMT 2009

On Monday 16 November 2009 spir wrote:

> Le Sun, 15 Nov 2009 19:01:45 +0100,
> spir <denis.spir at> s'exprima ainsi:
> [...]
> Well, some new things about previously mentioned issues.
> * User manual and kde version
> Even online on kde's own website, I couldn't find documentation for
>  the kde version running on my computer. I'm rather surprised of
>  this because this version is probably far to be of the latest, for
>  it was installed from ubuntu 9.04's package manager. I have these
>  "plasmoid" thingies on the desktop and control panels.
> * Layout
> If ever someone wants to help, here is how I intend to organise
>  things: The initial panel would be a control panel properly
>  speaking, with information, feedback, etc. Then, there is a second
>  bar on the left for app launching only. The app shorcut ideally
>  would be organised in topic-related groups (develop, web,
>  media...) -- but still all visible. to do this, I need to (1) put
>  shortcuts on the bar (2) move them where i wish them to be (3) add
>  separators or any other feature to visually group them. Hints &
>  comments welcome.
> * Installing new distribution version.
> I tried again and this time the update program gave me meaningful
>  feedback after a few minutes only. About 4  GB are needed when I
>  have only 3 free.
> * Last minute:
> I installed aTunes (for kde-provided sound apps don't work by me).
>  All worked well except shortcuts did not appear ; neither in
>  kicker nore on the desktop. Well, no big issue: I could do it
>  myself if ever I knew (1) how to add shortcuts in various places
>  (2) where aTunes actually has been installed.

Documentation for KDE4 is "work in process". You'll find lots of 
useful help in the userbase:

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