4.3.3 bugs

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 14 22:12:49 GMT 2009

Duncan wrote:
> James Tyrer posted on Sat, 14 Nov 2009 03:55:52 -0700 as excerpted:
>> Duncan wrote:
>>> James Tyrer posted on Sat, 14 Nov 2009 00:39:16 -0700 as
>>> excerpted:
>>>>> 1.    Auto completion doesn't work in Konqueror (and other
>>>>> places) using the mouse.
>>>>> This is very frustrating since as you type, the list of
>>>>> suggested completions opens, but when I try to move the mouse
>>>>> to select one, the list immediately closes.
>>>> I note that this does work using the cursor keys.  So, it is
>>>> probably some issue with KDE (or more probably Qt) vs the Xorg
>>>> mouse driver.
>>>> Does anyone else have a PS/2 mouse connection?
>>> I really doubt it's the physical mouse bus or how the driver
>>> reacts to it.
>> The Kernel does use different drivers for PS/2 and USB.  Although
>> these should act the same, perhaps they don't.
> Yes, but see below.  What I was getting at is that, if you're using
> the right device which you are, the kernel is supposed to make
> whatever you have look to the rest of the system like a Microsoft PS2
> mouse, or an Intellimouse, the same but for the number of buttons,
>>> More likely, it's the driver interacting with kde, or the config.
>>> It sounds like your xorg is significantly older than your kde at
>>> this point.
>> However, it has never worked starting with 4.0.0 or probably
>> before.
>>> What version of xf86-input-mouse and xorg-server are we talking,
>> I have server 1.6.2 and I installed version 1.5.0 of the mouse
>> driver recently with no change.
> xorg-server 1.6.2 isn't /that/ old, either.  I'm not sure without 
> looking, for the mouse driver.
>>> what kernel version,
> OK, that's new enough it shouldn't be the problem.
>>> and what's your kernel mouse config like -- which kernel device
>>> do you have xorg using?
>> xorg.conf has "/dev/input/mice".
> /dev/input/mice is a kernel "emulated" mouse.  It takes whatever it
> sees and emulates a ps2 Microsoft Explorer mouse with it.  That's why
> I'm saying it shouldn't matter.
Some documentation suggests using: "/dev/input/mouse0".  Does this make
a difference?

> What mouse type are you telling xorg to use,

     Driver	"mouse"
     Option      "Protocol" "IMPS/2"
     Option 	"Device" "/dev/input/mice"

> and is it

Pronoun reference please.  Is what set?

> set to use the xorg.conf setting or hal (with server 1.6
> and possibly 1.5, IDR ATM, it would ignore the xorg.conf setting and
> use hal, unless you set a serverflag telling it not to.  I don't have
> time ATM to look at the details, but the xorg.conf manpage has them I
> believe.)
I do not have:

	Option "AutoAddDevices"
	Option "AutoEnableDevices"

in my xorg.conf file.  IIUC, they are both true by default.

The man pages are not really adequate documentation. :-|

James Tyrer

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