4.3.3 bugs

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 14 07:39:16 GMT 2009

James Tyrer wrote:
I am going to add some additional description to clarify some of this.

> 1.    Auto completion doesn't work in Konqueror (and other places) 
> using the mouse.
> This is very frustrating since as you type, the list of suggested 
> completions opens, but when I try to move the mouse to select one, 
> the list immediately closes.
I note that this does work using the cursor keys.  So, it is probably
some issue with KDE (or more probably Qt) vs the Xorg mouse driver.

Does anyone else have a PS/2 mouse connection?

> 2.    Select Folder dialog doesn't do 'hidden' files.
> Best place to test this is in System Settings: General -> About Me::
>  Paths.  Try to set the Autostart Path.  So, you start at the place 
> "Home".  The ".kde4" directory isn't listed,

I tried <Alt><.> but this has no effect.

This appears to be another bug since it does not use the standard
keyboard short cut for "Show Hidden Files".

> so enter "/." and you get a list, but I can't use the mouse to select
> from them but see #1.
So, after I select the path "/home/jrt/.kde4" using the cursor key,
nothing happens in the treeview.  Is this a bug?  Did it work
differently in KDE-3?  Should it work differently.

> 3.    Select Folder dialog won't go to the "Root" place.
> Using the same test case as #2, click the "Root" entry in the Places 
> list.  Nothing happens.  Look at the treeview window; "Root" is 
> missing from the top.
> 4.    Some Konqueror KPart toolbars have the wrong names.
> Not exactly sure if this is a bug but no denigration allowed:

It appears that whoever did this failed to follow the established scheme
for naming the toolbars for KParts which has first the name of the
toolbar that they add onto and then a name indicating the part enclosed
in "< >".  I have to say that I do not know if there is documentation on
this anywhere or if you simply have to figure it out for yourself as
with many things in KDE development.
> "Search Toolbar <search bar>" should be named "Main Toolbar <search 
> bar>".
> "mainToolBar <khtml_kget>" has +/- the correct name but it appears 
> that the name from the code slipped through.  It should really be 
> names "Main Toolbar <khtml_kget>".
As established after some discussion, the real bug in #2 is that the
treeview (anybody know the correct name?) dialog has no toolbar like the
KFile dialog does.  Look at the KFile dialog, there is a wrench icon in
the upper right corner (perhaps not the best place, but there is a
toolbar and the icon is on it).

IIUC, it is a suggestion of the HIG that context menus not be cluttered
up with too many items.  IMO, the context menus on the treeview dialog
as well as the KFile dialog both have too many things on them.
Specifically, items in "Options" in the KFile dialog do not need to be 
on the context menu and items in the context menu in the treeview dialog 
should be moved to an "Options" menu.

James Tyrer

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