How many maintenance releases will 4.3 have?

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Fri Nov 13 20:38:03 GMT 2009

Clemens Eisserer posted on Thu, 12 Nov 2009 08:04:00 -0500 as excerpted:

> How many maintenance releases are planned for 4.3, or will development
> completly focus on KDE-4.4?
> With KDE-4.3 KDE4 has reached a level of quality where I really enjoy
> working with it.
> It would be great to see users of recent distributions shipping KDE-4.3
> (Fedora 12, Kubuntu 9.10) could enjoy ongoing small improvements.
> Well, I'll switch to KDE-4.4 beta anyway soon, but I know a few users
> who prefer stability ;)

Kevin's a dev so take what he says first, but here's the bit he left out.

kde4 is currently on a 6-month-minor and (almost) monthly micro/
maintenance release schedule... except they skip the last one as they 
focus on the betas/rcs, so there's four instead of five micro/maintenance 

4.3.0 was release in early August, and 4.4.0 is scheduled for early 
February.  Given the above schedule, the 4.3.4 release should be early 
December, without an update (well, there are the 4.4 prereleases) in 
January as they work on 4.4.0, thus nicely fitting around the holidays as 
well. =:^)

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