Do you watch TV with Kaffeine?

Bogus Zaba bogsub at
Sat Nov 7 18:08:27 GMT 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 06 November 2009 20:36:46 Bogus Zaba wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>> I don't have TV on my system, and I need someone who does to help me put
>>> a little info onto about it - what it
>>> can do, any configuration that helps, any hints and tips.  If you are
>>> willing to help, either edit the page yourself, or send me the text and
>>> I'll deal with formatting, syntax etc.
>> Do you want just KDE4 stuff ? I am a long-term user of Kaffeine 0.8.x on
>> KDE 3.5.y and use if for digital television, but have not yet moved to
>> KDE 4. Partly because I was not sure what the Kaffeine situation was for
>> KDE 4. Understand there is now a KDE 4 version of Kaffeine at least in
>>  beta.
> If you write about a feature that is in KDE3 but not yet in KDE4, please add 
> {{KDE3}}, which will place an icon denoting that in your text.  For some 
> applications it is sensible to include such things at this stage.  They can 
> always be removed at some later date when the new application is more mature.  
> Thanks for the offer.
> Anne
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I have provided a short piece on Kaffeine as a TV player and tagged it 
as you suggested. I have created this under User:bogzab as suggested in 
the wiki guidelines. I gather it can then be moved to the relevant place 
but thought you might want to have a look before I do so to see if this 
is roughly what you are after. Does not seem to me to warrant a lot of 
screen shots etc - instructions are pretty simple, but if you think it 
would benefit from shots, I can provide some easily enough.

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