4.3.3 bugs

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Nov 7 09:08:19 GMT 2009

Rick Miles posted on Sat, 07 Nov 2009 19:32:05 +1100 as excerpted:

> On Saturday 07 November 2009 15:42:46 James Tyrer wrote:
>> Well, KDE-4.3.3 has escaped and I have a long list of little things
>> that don't work correctly.  I would appreciate the assistance of users
>> on this list to try to see that they are actually bugs in KDE, see that
>> they are reported, and possibly fix some of them.
>> I have been told by the moderator of this list that I have bugs because
>> my distro is Linux From Scratch [my tag line says 'mostly' because I
>> started by installing enough of Fedora to get it to boot and I still
>> have a few RPMs installed).  I do not think that that is the case, but
>> still I would like to have someone with KDE-4.3.x installed from
>> binaries to confirm that they have the same problem.

Well, even if it is, the source tarballs are the only thing kde ships 
directly -- they rely on the various distributions to provide their own 
compatible binpkgs.  Thus, if it's a bug because due to compiling and 
installing from source, it's far more directly a kde bug than if it's due 
to some change the distribution made themselves.

So such from-source bugs very much belong on the kde lists, if anything 
does.  It could in fact be persuasively argued, were one to wish to, that 
it's the binary distribution folks who need to find the their own 
distribution lists to posts their bugs on.

But I think it rather better policy to say come-one, come-all, if it's a 
problem involving kde, post here, and we'll try to help.  Perhaps we can, 
perhaps we can't, but we'll try, which is after all the case with any 
such lists or forums one might post to, distribution, upstream DE, or 
upstream individual package, where such individual forums/lists exist.

> Which binaries, whose compile? I have Slackware's KDE-4.3.2 installed.
> Unlike some of the more "popular" distros Slackware is built vanilla
> with no changes/patching of upstream source unless absolutely necesary.

So yeah, post the bugs, and we'll see what happens.  Several have said 
that, now.

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