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John john_82 at
Wed Nov 4 15:58:04 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 04 November 2009 15:16:29 Lydia Pintscher wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 16:06, John <john_82 at> wrote:
> > Anne as your are a relatively new comer to this list it's worth
> > respectfully pointing out that James is entirely correct.
> You are aware that Anne is with KDE for a long time and doing
> excellent user support? Very likely longer than you and a lot of other
> people here on this list? And that she is helping people here and
> elsewhere around KDE for a very long time?
> For the rest of your email: KDE is getting bigger and bigger every
> day. And distros need to do their part in cleaning up if they cause
> problems for their users. While it is great that we can help each
> other here this is only so much the correct place for distro specific
> problems. You yourself said you don't use distro specific user list
> because they are not useful. You know what the right thing to do is?
> Go and fix them to be a place that is actually useful instead of
> making this list useless.
> Thank you and cheers
> Lydia

I'm not knocking Anne or her efforts just trying to point out that there is 
another aspect to this list that will only be apparent when kde 4 is very 
very widely used and the list picks up again. It's a very important aspect of 
this list and it would be a disaster to loose it. There isn't another all 
encompassing place. The types of questions I mean are usually answered by 
users. Some of these even run large systems.

I also wanted to point out that list users must put release and distro details 
along side questions because frankly there is no possibility of stopping 
various distros from making changes all over the place even in the kernel. 

:) I did suggest that the kde boys and girls did their own distro at one 
point. That would be brilliant but I can't really blame them for not 
following that route. It's a pity really because choosing a distro these days 
isn't as easy as it was.

On the list itself my filters have hardly caught anything over 
the last couple of years. In the days of 3 I often had problems reading them 
all even on a daily basis. Lately it's beginning to pick up again which I 
find re assuring on several fronts. My ideal would be to build up from a 
vanilla kernel but unfortunately I do not have the time to gain the knowledge 
needed. Also tooooo much sotware authoring else where. I've had more than 
enough of it.


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