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John john_82 at
Wed Nov 4 15:06:14 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 04 November 2009 10:45:04 Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 November 2009 08:26:22 James Tyrer wrote:
> > Anne Wilson wrote:
> > > On Monday 02 November 2009 20:58:34 James Tyrer wrote:
> > >> OK, then start a list for the DISTROs: Gentoo & LFS.
> > >
> > > I would assume that they already have such lists.
> >
> > Don't know who "they" are, but I was talking about KDE -- a list to
> > discuss building KDE from source  If you want this
> > discussion segregated, then please see that the list is created.
> >
> > And ASAIK, there isn't such a list elsewhere.  It would not be logical
> > for it to be elsewhere.
> It would be logical for Gentoo to host their own lists.  It's not KDE's job
> to look after Gentoo.  I've no more to say.
> Anne

Anne as your are a relatively new comer to this list it's worth respectfully 
pointing out that James is entirely correct. As 4 becomes more stable you 
will find that more and more people like James will start using the list. 
(well i hope they do.)  Me I have been using it for  years and years. Each 
time a new version comes out the list is likely to get very active with many 
rather technical questions irrespective of distro. Some even roll their own. 
>From a comment Kevin made some time ago most of the action is currently on 
the debian unstable list at the moment. I haven't checked what stable is 
running recently but would expect it still to be 3.?  Me I still run 3 for 
the same reason but it's beginning to look like I will be able to switch to 
4.?????  shortly or maybe I will wait and switch once debian stable is 
running it. Not that I will load debian.

I can't see the point in any arguments about what sort  of questions etc 
should be asked on the list. It's irrelevant. One asks stating the distro, 
kde version etc and hope for an answer. Problems are often related to 
specific distro's and may even be nothing to do with KDE. But when the list 
is active which it isn't really at the moment there is a high probability 
that some other kde user some where has had exactly the same problem and has 
solved it. I personally really do hope this list returns to it's former 
glory. I have found it extremely useful at times. Not so distro lists. They 
mostly seem to go on and on about nothing and don't produce answers.

Posters should always add something like this to any questions

Suse 10.3 64bit KDE 3.5.7 release 72.9
plus appropriate app versions if needed

That way if there is some one about capable of answering a question they have 
the information needed to answer it. Due to the nature of the beast just the 
kde release number isn't of much use. Dostro's make changes. Suse has been a 
particularly bad example of that and unravelling it often requires a high 
level of expertise. Some times it even seems to be impossible to find out 
exactly what they have done.


Suse 10.3 64bit KDE 3.5.7 release 72.9 ( :) added even though I ask no 
questions at the moment )

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