movie previews in konqueror or dolphin

James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Tue Nov 3 07:23:58 GMT 2009

Rick Miles wrote:
> I just upgraded to kde-4.3.2. I note since this upgrade from kde-4.2.4 dolphin and 
> konqueror I do not have movie previews in place of icons even though they are set 
> for previews. The thumbnail generator is working as I do have previews when I do a 
> mouseover of any mpg file.
> Suggestions would be appreciated
You have to enable previews of video files.

In the "General" section, "Previews" tab check: "Video Files".  Also 
note the general file size limit at the bottom of the page.  IIUC, 
increasing this to the maximum does not take up more memory, but simply 
takes more time to process the thumbs (but only once for each thumb).

This is working on my system (4.3.3).  I have thumbs for files which are 
dated 10/21/09.

James Tyrer

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