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Tue Nov 3 06:30:54 GMT 2009

Rick Miles posted on Tue, 03 Nov 2009 12:39:03 +1100 as excerpted:

> I just upgraded to kde-4.3.2. I note since this upgrade from kde-4.2.4
> dolphin and konqueror I do not have movie previews in place of icons
> even though they are set for previews. The thumbnail generator is
> working as I do have previews when I do a mouseover of any mpg file.
> Suggestions would be appreciated

There's apparently multiple separate mechanisms at work.  On a lot of 
mine, I have way different thumbnails (different parts of the movie) on 
mouseover than in in gwenview, and dolphin/konqueror don't seem to 
generate icon thumbnails at all any more, except the 4-up sampler view on 
the directory containing them.

As a consequence I tend to use gwenview for my movie browsing as well as 
my still-image browsing.

FWIW, at least one generator kde uses is mplayerthumbs, formerly media-
video/mplayerthumbs, now kde-base/mplayerthumbs, and version-synced with 
kde-core, so now 4.3.2.  Perhaps you lost that in the shuffle or 
otherwise don't have it installed?  I think that's what gwenview uses.

Too bad they couldn't have stuck with the xine-based thumbnailers they 
used in kde3, especially now that xine-libs is the major non-gstreamer 
phonon backend, thus basically pulling it in as a kde4 dependency.  
There's really not so much reason to have both xine and mplayer 
installed, but with xine for phonon and mplayer for mplayer thumbs...

BTW, if you're still looking for a seriously good video player front-end 
to match kde3's kaffeine (the prerelease kde4 version of which was little 
better than dragonplayer or the like, back when I last looked at it), let 
me point you at smplayer!  It uses mplayer too, but it has even more 
features than kde3's kaffeine did!  Plus, it's qt4 based, and that's of 
course what kde4's based on too, so there's not a lot of additional 
dependencies other than possibly mplayer, for those who are already using 
kde4.  I am *SERIOUSLY* impressed!

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