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James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Sun Nov 1 22:29:15 GMT 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 31 October 2009 22:55:23 James Tyrer wrote:
>> You just don't get it!  But, yet you continue to offer advice from
>> the PC (Politically Correct) La La Land.
>> When you need more documentation is when something doesn't work!
>> Unfortunately, KDE is becoming like MS-Windows.  It is supposed to
>> just work, but when it doesn't even their product support staff
>> can't seem to figure out why.  Perhaps this isn't that bad yet, but
>> as Duncan pointed out, this is probably dependent on HAL
>> configuration and that that is very difficult although there is
>> some documentation.
>> In KDE-3 the KIOslave for Audio CDs didn't require anything, you
>> just opened it and it worked.  Now we have something that is
>> supposedly simpler since you don't have to enter a URL or open
>> "System" you just click on the icon that has appeared in the Places
>> list.  But what do you do when it doesn't appear.  Certainly your
>> condescending diatribe isn't going to fix the problem.
> No, I just don't get it.  I don't get why most of the world can do
> things that you say 'doesn't work'.

I didn't say that it didn't work.  That is apparently what you don't
get.  I said that I didn't have it working.  Since it does work, I am
presuming that it needs some configuration to function.

> I don't see anything in what I wrote that could be considered
> 'condescending diatribe', so I'll ignore the rest of what you wrote.
You belittled me.  That is condescension.  You act like I am at best a 
newbie and at worst stupid and incompetent.  I assure you that this is 
not the case.  I can get any software to work (including OS/360) if I 
have the documentation to read.

> When I write without saying where the information came from it's
> because it is my experience.  In other words, 'it works for me'.  If
> I reply from hearsay, I say so.
Don't you understand that all you are saying is that it functions on 
your system.  You described how it should work, and that is somewhat 
helpful, but to say that because it is so simple to use when the system 
is properly configured and to belittle me because I would like some 
documentation on how to configure it makes very little sense.  You said 
that I could obtain that URL which I wanted because I do not have it 
functioning by doing something that would only provide it IF IT WERE 

You totally missed my point which is that I need to documentation to 
configure my system.  Telling me how it would work (in a condescending 
tone) if my system (specifically HAL if I understand Duncan) was 
configured correctly is simply insulting.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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