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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed May 27 06:31:22 BST 2009

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>>> BTW: Where can I find a NEWS file which describes the various KDE
>>> changes (in the SVN) in detail?
>> I think you probably want to use the 'svn log' command.  Most VCSs
>> keep track of this information in the commit logs, rather than
>> requiring the developers to maintain a separate file.
> Hrmpf.  This is the same as if you told me to use `git log' to check
> for recent kernel changes.  Far too much entries!
>>> Does such a centralized file exist?
>> It might, but why?
So that developers know what others are doing.

IAC, there is supposed to be a current change log.  Unfortunatly, this 
doesn't seem to happen and the only change log is written after the fact 
which means that it is useless for quality management.


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