another new annoying feature

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Tue May 26 20:17:59 BST 2009

>>You know too well that not all SVN commits deserve an entry in a
>>detailed NEWS file.
> No, I'm of the considered opinion that there is no need for a NEWS
> file when the VCS keeps perfectly good logs.

Multiple entries like `whitespace cleanup' or `typo' don't really give
a lot of information, do they?

> I'm also of the opinion that only high- quality commits should be
> made to the central repository so, yes, each one deserves a
> NEWS/Changelog entry.

Maybe in a perfect world, but not in reality.  I think there should be
three levels: The highlights (as given in the announcements of a new
KDE release), a NEWS file, and the SVN log entries.

It seems that we have to agree that we disagree.

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