another new annoying feature

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Tue May 26 18:01:26 BST 2009

>>Hrmpf.  This is the same as if you told me to use `git log' to check
>>for recent kernel changes.  Far too much entries!
> You wanted it "in detail".

You know too well that not all SVN commits deserve an entry in a
detailed NEWS file.

> While I don't know the equivalent in svn, there might be something
> like 'git shortlog'.

Of course there is.  From kernel version 2.6.12 to today there are
more than 145000 entries -- this is 145000 lines in `git shortlog'...

>>Well, most GNU projects have a detailed `NEWS' file or something
> Which is made mostly (if not completely) redundant with the VCS
> keeping logs.

Not at all!

> Also, changes to such a file are more difficult to merge between
> diverging branches; specifically because most changes are done at
> the top by inserting some new lines.

Indeed.  But in most cases this is negligible -- usually, there are
far more difficult issues to handle while merging.

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