KDE menus (Lancelot, Kmenu, Krunner) not respecting PATH?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat May 9 16:32:42 BST 2009

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

> On Debian and openSUSE, the default Xsession for KDE is 
> /usr/share/xsessions/kde.desktop,[1]

No, I am talking about the "Xsession" script -- a file named "Xsession"
not the X Session.  Normally the KDM version of this is:


presuming that KDE was installed with prefix=/usr.

> which contains the line "Exec=/usr/bin/startkde".

it is the Xsession script which calls:


{file is a different place on my system and might be on other systems as

> This causes /usr/bin/startkde to be run to bring up your X 
> environment.
The "startkde" script does not bring up the X environment.  The
"startkde" script starts KDE and is run after X is started.

> On both those systems, /usr/bin/startkde does not read 
> ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile.  (Its she-bang line is "#!/bin/sh".) 
> It is working as designed.
You are correct that the "startkde" script does not read
"~/.bash_profile" or "~/.profile" and that that is as it is supposed to
be, but that is not relevant because it is the Xsession script that
would call one of them (presuming that the shell is Bash or the Bourne
Shell -- other shells use other user profile scripts).  That is, it
happens before the "startkde" script is run.


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