Moving printer configuration from KDE 3 to KDE 4.

g geleem at
Wed May 6 01:27:54 BST 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> I am familiar with the Cheerios breakfast oats, but I do not understand.

as 'long horn' said to the little chick, "that was a joke, son."

cheerios is not made with ms in mind.

most equipment is made for use on ms systems and most oem will stay
compatible with ms because that is way ms writes their software.

> I doubt that "supports Linux" is of interest to gullible MS users.

nor is it fully of interest to oem, if it was, you would be able to find
updated software 'in the box' for linux, or on their site.

> It would be safe to assume that those who reflash their routers are
> looking for "works better" and more features. I am looking for
> neither, though, I need this to work as it has worked in the past.

i understand this, but it is most obvious that firmware for router was
not written properly, because if it was well written, there would be an
option in web pages to reserve an address for printer. or, being that
printer usb port is built in to router, it should already be given a
fixed address.

you are resisting trying something that may work, just as you are
expecting kde to write software to cater to you because you have a
router that has poorly written software.

it is very well possible that none of kde4 writers are familiar with
your router and therefore, they do not / have not, yet, written for
your router. all tho if they follow this list, they are now. but, if
you want something done about kde4, so your router will work with
printer, in kde4, you may want to consider joining developers list
and ask for help thru it.

> I am aware of that, thank you, but I do not want to reflash my
> router's operating system. I would sooner reinstall KDE 3.5.10

then from looks of things, you may as well go ahead and drop back to
kde 3.5.10. then you would at least be able to use your printer.

from what i have read on this list and fedora list, kde 3 and kde 4
are not compatible in their software and lib files.

not knowing what your physical setup is, as you have never mentioned it,
is it possible for you to plug printer into computer that you are running
kde4 on?

this way, you can assign a fixed address to printer and later, when kde4
has a way to scan for and find printer, you will be able to connect your
printer back into router.

as for re flash, i am not trying to convince you it is *the* way to go.
just that it is a way to go, because router firmware is lacking.


peace out.



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