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Tue Jun 30 21:48:49 BST 2009

< Can anyone point me to url which can provide a handle on how to go 
< about doing up my own colour and where to put it? 

I just to follow up on the second part of my question at the beginning of this thread with regards to "doing up my own colour in case someone googles into this thread looking for a similar solution.

The correct name is color-scheme and they are found in /usr/share/apps/color-schemes (on kde4 on Slackware). Thses are text files listing colors as RGB colors for the various  display aspects of a window. The format is different from the way it was done in kde3 so I couldn't just copy over the one I wanted from kde3.

I had used Dark Blue for KDM popup and wanted to continue doing so with kde4. In order to do this I renamed an existing kde4 color-scheme and started editing to suit using kcolorpicker to help sort out the RGB numbers. I didn't have to change much except the background and forground colors under the various headings as KDM is a fairly simple interface and I probably won't use this custom color (scheme) for anything else.


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