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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jun 10 19:53:49 BST 2009

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> In <h0oo9t$inb$1 at ger.gmane.org>, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
>> On 06/10/2009 07:33 PM, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>>> This has always irked me as well.  Panels and window decorations are the
>>> most visible parts of KDE; they should always be using the global color
>>> scheme.
>> Then how would one go about making nice Plasma themes :D
> That's the same excuse everyone uses for not using the global scheme.  It 
> always has been and still is lame.

Indeed. Aya seems to have managed.

> Either an XGM or a greyscale SVG for each of {NeutralBackground, 
> AlternateBackground, Normal, Inactive, Active, Link, Visited, Negative, 
> NeutralText, Positive, Focus, Hover} and composite them at runtime, then 
> apply a final XGM or greyscale SVG as alpha channel.

No, no, no, terrible ;-). Dynamic color replacement. That's where it's 
at, I say; rewriting the colors specified in the DOM. (I've had this 
idea for a while, just no time to implement it, unfortunately. SVG rocks 
that way. Hmm, but then you do have to actually /use/ svg, and not just 
raster-in-svg, but...)

At any rate, color replacement would be much less complicated (in terms 
of multiple graphics needed) and is very flexible, since you can apply 
any combination or alteration of system colors, which isn't necessarily 
possible with tone-mapped grayscale graphics.

(Seriously, if you want to implement your idea, I'd welcome the 
addition, especially since yours works with raster. Replacement would, 
however, have the convenient advantage that a: it can be retrofitted 
onto existing themes, and b: you could ship multiple replacement tables 
for a single set of graphics to provide different looks. Although (b) is 
possible to an extent with what we have now.)

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