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Sun Jun 7 18:59:28 BST 2009

On Sunday 07 June 2009 18:09:40 Patricia Max wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Patricia

> I recently installed Fedora Core 9 on my computer, including KDE 4. 
> I

Do be aware that Fedora 9 is nearing its end-of-life, and the 4.1 is old and 
buggy.  You would be advised to install Fedora 10, which is fully mature (it's 
been out 6 months).

> have been using KDE 3 for more than several years, and I am very
> comfortable with the appearance of my desktop.  I'd like to configure
> KDE 4 to resemble KDE 3 as much as possible.  

Most of what you have been used to can be achieved.  The first thing is to 
right-click on the desktop and select Desktop Settings (some distros call it 
Appearance Settings).  Change the Type to Folder View.  Your desktop will now 
function almost exactly as it did in KDE 3.

> This includes my own
> background setting, no menu bar at the top of the screen, 

Those shouldn't be a problem

> the type of
> console I'm used to (a shell, white background, black type, probably
> about 24 lines),  

In konsole, use Manage Profiles and change the schema.

> the panel at the bottom with a white background, etc.

The panel colour is a function of a desktop theme.  You will have to play with 
changing themes until you get one that does this for you.

> One reason for this is because I have vision problems so I am not
> comfortable with the harsher, darker colors.  I am not sure of some of
> the terminology so I apologize if I'm using some incorrect words.
> Is there some sort of "conversion" manual that would help me sort out
> what I need to change to more closely emulate what I see with KDE 3.0?

The best thing to do is to ask questions here, and to explore UserBase ( link 
in my sig).

> Also, the system I installed did not have the command kcontrol.  Is that
> no longer supported?  If not then, what command do I use in place of
> kcontrol?  

A few things in kcontrol were really only relevant to one application and 
those settings are now in the application settings.  For the rest, 
SystemSettings (systemsettings, from the command line) is the tool to use.

I recommend that you use the new kickoff style of menu, use the search bar at 
the top to find the application you want, then right-click on it and youu are 
given the choice of adding it to the desktop or to the panel.  Useful for 
things like systemsettings, I think.

> The help documentation references kcontrol, but it's not
> there.  Finally, is there a way to preserve my original configuration?
> Because I installed Fedora 9 on a separate disk partition, it was very
> easy for me to boot back to 6, but it took some time to restore my
> original KDE environment.  I would like to preserve those files
Copy the whole of ~/.kde to a pen-drive, CD, or some other safe place.  Many 
things such as mail configuration can just be copied across.  Ask if you are 
not sure.

> I know there are a number of questions in my email.  Thanks for any help
> you can give me.
No problem. 

New to KDE4? - get help from http://userbase.kde.org
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