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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Jun 6 15:58:34 BST 2009

Sorry for the late reply, I did not notice that you had answered.

>> I did not file the feature request on Dolphin as I see that Konqueror
>> does have sessions. What, specifically, do you feel could be improved?
> Konqueror View Profiles contain a configuration of Konqueror and
> optionally can contain stored URLs.  Perhaps some of the problem could
> be attributed to bugs.  Specifically, the number of open tabs and window
> divisions seems to be part of the configuration of Konqueror even if the
> View Profile does not contain URLs.  If that bug were fixed, the current
> system might be OK.  However, it appears to me that saving a
> configuration and saving content [URL(s)] should be two separate actions
> and the option should be whether to attach a configuration to content
> (currently even if the bugs are fixed, this is required).  A
> configuration does need a default URL to use when a new instance opens,
> but this should not override content already opened in a Konqueror instance.

Specifically, the change that you are asking for is that one could
open a profile of tabs in addition to (as opposed to replacing) the
current tabs?

> I would take this one step further.  Although we would probably have to
> allow named configurations, I would also make it possible to create
> automatic configurations that were associated with one or more protocols
>  so that the configuration would automatically change based on the
> protocol of the URL that currently had focus.  We already have something
> similar; you will notice that some of the icons on the toolbars appear
> and disappear based on the content type of the URL that has focus.

Be very specific, this may be possible.

> This could be used to eliminate the need for the artificial division
> into "Web Browsing" and "File Management".  The universal browser is a
> feature of KDE, I do not understand what motivated the attempt to create
> the false separation, but then there a lot of things about the KDE
> project that I don't understand.

The universal browser is a feature of Konqueror, not KDE. And
Konqueror isn't going anywhere!

Dotan Cohen
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