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> I'm new to KDE, installed kubuntu 9.04 recently. I'm having this problem
> where most of the time new windows spawn in the background instead of
> the foreground. What could be causing this? Is there a setting that
> controls this?

Seems like an issue with window-stealing prevention.  Yes, it's 
controllable.  Configure Window Behavior (either from system settings or 
accessed from the window menu of any window), Focus.

The two settings of interest are Focus stealing prevention level, and 
Policy.  I have my policy set to Focus Follows Mouse, with stealing 
prevention set to normal.  That seems to work well.  See the What's This 
help (Shift-F1, normally) for the two options for more, but I suspect you 
may either have Focus Under Mouse (perhaps Strictly, note focus under as 
opposed to focus follows, see the help for the difference), or have Focus 
Stealing Prevention set high or extreme, as the description indicates the 
sort of behavior you describe for those.

Note that as for many other window settings, it's possible to set 
specific focus stealing prevention for individual windows or 
applications, if the system's working the way you want it but specific 
applications are problematic.  That's under Window Specific settings in 
the same Window Settings module.  There's also shortcuts from the window 
menu, advanced, to set or change those settings for that application or 

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